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For over thirty years Marinoni have been creating pewter objects for your table and home, interpreting the needs and tastes of its customers. Tradition, creativity and meticulous attention to detail combine to create unique and original objects.

The Marinoni range uses materials of only the highest quality and attention to detail is meticulous in all areas of the business. The pure alloy that is used in Marinoni products comprises 95% tin, mixed with a small ammount of anitomy and copper. The complete absence of lead ensures that Marinoni pewter products are completely non-toxic and perfectly safe for use in eating and drinking.

Each individual object is handmade and "aged" using an exclusive working process that creates small surface irregularities which makes each individual item unique.

Remember to look for the "Marinoni" owl on your product as this is the only way to ensure you have an original item. It has been traditional since the 16th century for each Pewter Master to sign his work with his own stamp and the Owl is the symbol that distinguishes the originality of each Marinoni piece.

Care & Maintenance

By comparison to other metals, pewter does not tarnish and the appearance and finish of our products is unchanged over time without the need for regular polishing. All that is needed is careful dusting and periodic washing with lukewarm soapy water. The items should then be dried with a soft cloth. Dishwashers should not be used for washing your Marinoni products.

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