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A Delicious Christmas

Posted Dec 16, 2015
It’s the last full week before Christmas…for us foodies and home cooks, we are busy planning the perfect Christmas Dinner for our loved ones. From planning the menu to setting the dining table, there is so much that needs to be done to ensure a stress free day.

Don’t panic home cooks, we are here to help with your preparation and presentation…we have everything you need and more to make your Christmas Dinner run as smoothly as possible! Check out our hints and tips below…  

Add a Touch of Class to Your Table with Pewter. F37007 Glass Compote
Give Michael Penaluna's Stuffed Turkey Recipe a Go

Preparation is Key
First stop, is our Kitchen Shop. Here you will find all your essential utensils, pots and pans and professional chef knives.

Christmas Dinner is not like any other dinner, you tend to cook for bigger numbers, have to cater for certain tastes (we all have that one fussy eater in the family!) as well as ensuring traditions and expectations are met. In order to keep your cool, make sure your kitchen is equipped with the best tools - it’s a good place to start!

For Cooks Essential Utensils:

Benriner Mandolin – A traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, normally means lots of veg! Make life a little easier with this vegetable slicer.

Aluminium Colander
– Essential for draining salads and veg.

Potato Masher
– Make sure your mash is lump free! 

7 Piece Starter Set
– Great place to start if you are new to chef knives! There will be lots of chopping and slicing on the day, so make sure you are prepared.

It’s all about the Bird

If you are cooking a traditional turkey dinner this year, then there is a lot of pressure to make sure that the meat of the day is at its best and takes centre stage.

According to Michael Penaluna, head chef at Jesmond Dene House and St Mary’s Inn, being organised is a key factor in producing good food. It eliminates risks and will help you execute the perfect Christmas dinner. Michael shares some of his best tips with us, and naturally we pass these tips on to you, home cooks!

“At the hotel (Jesmond Dene House) the breed of Turkey we use is a Bronze Free Range. I try not to use a large bird, as I find that the longer you cook it the dryer the Turkey will be due to the low fat content in the bird.” said Michael, “Spend a little time sourcing a good quality turkey, as this will make a difference to the taste and final outcome of the day. Don’t worry if you opt for a frozen turkey instead!”

Really impress guests with Michael famous Stuffed Turkey recipe, “if you follow my recipe, you will impress anyone who is round for Christmas dinner!” Find it here.

Love the Rustic Look? F27001 Friso Dinner Plate
Beautifully Simple Bone China. F02430-29 Flat Rim Plate

A Dining Table set for Royalty

Once your kitchen is up to scratch and you have organised your menu for Christmas Dinner, it’s time to start thinking about your dining table – the main attraction!

You should think of Christmas as an extra special dinner party, it’s all about treating your guests, which means you should go all out for the dinnerware. We like to keep it simple and traditional with white bone china and get creative with our glassware instead, however, it all depends on personal style, preference, décor and whether you have a theme.

Our Tableware Shop is packed full of exclusive brands, which you will find in fine dining Michelin starred restaurants around the world – so you are not short for choice!

For Cooks Perfect Dinnerware:

Narumi Bone China – Simple and classic, you can’t go wrong with white bone china.

– Looking for something a little different? Montgolfier unique glazes will certainly add a touch of fine dining quirkiness to your dinner table.

Degrenne Paris
– Contemporary with a classic edge, you can mix and match the warm grey and kaolin glazes for a really personal touch.

– We especially love the green flame glaze, it’s perfect if you are looking to add a bit of colour to your dining table.

–Love the rustic look? You can achieve this with Costa Nova – so stylish and perfect for Christmas!

Pewter and Porcelain
– Such a luxurious mix. Pewter is perfect if you want to add a touch of class to your dining table.

Merry Christmas from For Cooks

Whatever you decide to choose home cooks – from your tools, to the menu to the dinnerware, we hope you have a very Merry (and lets not forget delicious) Christmas, from the For Cooks team.

Remember – we offer next day delivery, so don’t worry about last minute orders!

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