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Andrew Pern on Food Demonstrating

Posted Jul 14, 2015
The Great Yorkshire Show kicks off today! Every year, more than 130,000 foodies, farmers and families flock to the three day event to discover new experiences, tastes and activities!  As foodie professionals, although we love the ambience of the show (which includes animal competitions, equine classes, forestry demonstrations – to name just a few) it is the food we are really interested in.  

There is so much going on at food festivals, the mix of mouth-watering smells in the air, the hive of activity and mingling with like-minded souls. They can truly be the ultimate foodie day out. However, this year, at the Great Yorkshire Show, there is only one man we are interested in – pro chef and the man behind the Star Inn at Harome, Andrew Pern.  

Andrew is a regular at the show “I wouldn't miss it – it is part of my social calendar!” he gushes! And we know why, the place is a hive of activity. Andrew has a jam-packed day – fronting three food demonstrations, starting from 1.30pm at the Game Theatre. Intrigued at what he will be cooking up? How does Pot au Feu, Pan-roast Roe Deer and Warm Salad of North Sea Lobster sound? Sounds mouth-watering good to us and we just know the audience will be drooling in their seats!  

We caught up with Andrew, before he does his thing on stage, to find out why he loves demonstrating and why home cooks and young chefs should get in on the action…    

Andrew Pern - doing his thing!
Pot au Feu - one of the dishes Andrew will be cooking up today!

Are you looking forward to the Great Yorkshire Show?
Yes, of course. Over the years, unless I have been away on holiday, it is part of my social calendar - and it's a good place to take the kids too!  

How many times have you been involved with the show?
I'm not entirely sure.  I have missed a couple when I've been away but must be around 10 years!?!  

Wow, 10 years, that’s pretty impressive! What do you enjoy most about demonstrating?
Compared with cooking in the kitchen at The Star, the public reaction is a lot more immediate and it is great to be able share the stories of where we get our inspirations and ingredients from.  

How do you practice for a demonstration?
Only at previous demonstrations! The dishes I demonstrate are simplified versions of those we cook at the restaurant so I tend to know them well.  

We love your relaxed attitude Andrew! You have a great line up (Pot au Feu, Roe Deer, North Sea Lobster) – why did you choose these dishes to demonstrate?
The first two will be in the Game Theatre and, as we are currently outside the main game season, I am using a combination of venison, pigeon and duck and the Pot au Feu uses all 3. The lobster salad is actually in the Cheese Tent and features Bell's Bloomin' White, one of the Shepherd's Purse cheeses.  

Do you think home cooks can benefit by going to food shows and watching demonstrations?
I would hope that they encourage people to try something new or to cook with ingredients they may not have tried.  

For those just starting out as chefs, what advice would you give them for their first demonstration?
Smile a lot - and hand out samples (they can't heckle with their mouths full)!  

Haha – your food is so tasty, I’m sure the audience will be happy! Do you have any other demo’s lined up this year, so we can scribble dates in our diary?
Not at the minute… but I will certainly let you know!  

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