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Welcome to our Chefs Picks page - this is the place where the professional chefs take over. It's simple, they choose their favourite product on the For Cooks online shop and simply chat about it! Takes notes home cooks, as the chefs reveal all their hints, tips and advice on their chosen product, varying from tableware and utensils to the latest hi-tech gadgets and machinery.

Last month Chris Finnigan, head chef at Lane 7, shared his thoughts on why home cooks should own a Big Green Egg. This month, it's Chris and Jeff Galvin's turn! The Michelin Starred brothers have chosen the Modulo Nature plate as their must-have product - which happens to be one of our best sellers!

We caught up with Chris and Jeff to find out why they use this range in their restaurants (seven and counting!) and why they think home cooks should use this brand to transform their dining table into a fine dining restaurant!

Why did you pick Nature Modulo plates as your Chefs Picks? We picked this plate for it's contemporary look. It looks really stylish, but it is also really hard-wearing and great value!

Modulo Nature is one of our favourites too! Do you use these plates in your restaurants? If so, why? Yes we do use this range in our restaurants! We think the style of the plate enhances the presentation of our food perfectly.

Would you consider Modulo Nature the perfect plate for fine dining? Yes, definitely! Because the plates have a unique design, they have a modern look, with a classic edge! A plate that can look both classic and contemporary, is great for fine dining.

They are definitely an all-rounder for dining! What dishes tend to go well with these types of plates? We tend to use these plates for our more bold dishes, such as meat and game. (Check out Galvin brothers recipes here).

Would you recommend Modulo Nature to home cooks? If so, why? Yes we would, because they are very user friendly and versatile. They are great value too!

Transform your dining table into a Michelin Star restaurant with Modulo Nature! This range comes in two stunning colours - Warm Grey and Kaolin. Why not mix and match the two colours for a really unique look? Check out our Modulo Nature shop here.

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