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A Trifle Cornish


Saffron cake
* 200g extra virgin olive oil
* 4 whole eggs
* 10g saffron infusion (15g saffron, 500g water, boiled, cooled, passed through fine sieve)
* 90g brioche fine crumb
* 100g ground almonds
* 200g caster sugar
* 2tsp baking powder
* 90g currants

'Birds' custard
* 750g double cream
* 250g milk
* 240g egg yolk
* 100g caster sugar
* 20g saffron infusion

Blood orange and rhubarb puree*
* 500g finely chopped rhubarb (skin left on)
* juice of one blood orange
* 3 tablespoons caster sugar
* 1 teaspoon grenadine

Set Yoghurt Penna Cotta
* 150ml whole milk
* 150ml double cream
* 500g natural yoghurt
* 125g sugar
* 1 vanilla pod scraped
* 2.5 leaves of gelatine, soaked in cold water until rehydrated, then removed from water

Preparation method

Saffron cake
1. Mix dry ingredients except currants in mixer with whisk attachment
2. Mix eggs, oil and saffron, slowly add these to the dry ingredients
3. Fold fruit through this, and pour into a lined metal baking tray 25cmx17cmx6cm
4. Bake at 140 for 70-75 mins, turning by 90 degrees after first 35mins
5. Cool completely in tin before turning out to portion
6. Turn upside down (currant side up) to portion with a serrated pastry knife

'Birds' custard
1. Heat milk, cream and saffron to 85 degrees
2. Whisk yolks and sugar till pale and fluffy, pour cream over this mixture and cook gently to
    82 degrees
3. Pass through a sieve, chill in the fridge
4. Once chilled, whisk and pur into a piping bag

Blood orange and rhubarb puree
1. Cook gently, uncovered, ona  medium heat until the rhubarb has broken down and all the 
    liquid has gone
2. Blitz with a stick blended, leave to cool

Set yoghurt panna cotta
1. Heat cream, milk, sugar and vanilla till 80 degrees
2. Add the gelatine, cool to 25 degrees
3. Pass through a sieve onto the yoghurt
4. Whisk till incorporated, ready to be poured and set

1. Brown butter roasted hazelnut halves
2. 4 blood oranges, skinned and segemented
3. Dice the saffron cake, and place liberally around a trifle dish
4. Cover with the yoghurt panna cotta, and leave to set
5. Once set, pipe the custard on top, then add dots of the blood orange and rhubarb puree
6. Finish with the hazelnuts, and the freshly segmented blod oranges

Serving Suggestions

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