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Baked Brown Crab with Mull Cheddar

I am putting the method on how to prepare fresh crab, for me it is really worthwhile to do and is actually quite a nice sharing preparation to do with family. You can have a very satisfying and pleasing result by baking the mixture in a cocotte dish. This is always on the menu at Ondine during the winter season.


* 4 small live native Brown Crabs
* 100g finely diced Banana shallots
* 50g toasted bread crumbs
* 200g Mull cheddar
* 1 pinch chopped Tarragon
* 1 pinch Sea Purslane (optional)
* 100ml Clarified Butter
* 1 pinch Ground Nutmeg

Preparation method

1. Prepare the crab by holding down in its back shell and insert the knife through the head
    killing it instantly
2. Now cut through the centre of the crab dislocating the legs
3. Steam for eight minutes & refresh over ice
4. To prepare the crab place the crab shell-side down. Remove the tail piece and legs of the
    crab by twisting. These are ideal for stock. Prize the shell open by pushing up the body
    section at the tail-end using your thumbs whilst pressing the claws with the back end of a
    knife, then set aside.
5. Discard the filters and the gristle then split the body in half
6. Crack the claws with the back end of a knife, then set aside
7. Start picking out all the white crabmeat carefully avoiding shells & cartilage
8. Clean out the brown meat or the new head meat and add to the white crab meat
9. Wash out the shell and boil for about four or five minutes, dry and then set aside ready for
10 In a non-stick pan herat up the clarified butter, fold in the sea purslane, shallots, tarragon 
     and nutmeg. Cook without colour
11.Season well then fold in the crabmeat and cheddar. Once warm divide into individual
12.Sprinke with breadcrumbs to serve

Serving Suggestions

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