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Serves 6

Lane 7 Pulled Pork Sandwich

Follow the journey of Lane 7's famous pulled pork sandwich in the video below, and show off your culinary skills to your mates with this surprisingly easy recipe.


* 1 small Pork shoulder on the bone (skinless) (2kg) (plenty fat)
* 5g fennel seeds
* 30g paprika
* 10g garlic powder
* 10g onion powder
* 10g salt
* 10g soft brown sugar
* 2 cups water

Barbeque Sauce
* Pork stock
* 200ml coca cola
* 3tbs apple sauce
* 1g cinnamon
* 5tbs ketchup
* 3tbs HP brown sauce

Preparation method

1. Mix all the spices together and create a dry rub
2. Score the pork shoulder using a sharp knife
3. Rub the spices into the pork shoulder and leave to marinade for 24hrs in the fridge
4. Place the pork shoulder in a roasting tray and cook for 30mins at 240c or until it starts to
    go a very dark brown colour
5. Turn down the over to 140c and place two cups of water over the pork then cook for 5/6
    hours until tender. You want the centre of the pork to be around 82c on a meat probe to
    make puling it easier and also it's nice and tender.
6. If the bottom of the tray starts to burn, don't be afraid to add a little more water, this will be
    used afterwards to make an amazing barbecue sauce
7. Once cooked remove the pork from the tray and leave to cool on a wire rack for 20 mins or
    so. (If it's too cold it will be hard to pull, it it's too hot it will burn your fingers)
8. In the tray that we cooked the pork in add the coca cola and deglaze on the stove top
    using a wooden spoon/spatula and let it reduce a little then add the remaining ingredients
    and reserve
9. Meanwhile pull the pork gently, keeping all the black bark from the outside. Once it's all
    pulled discard the bones and mix the barbecue sauce inside.

Serving Suggestions

Serve in a nice brioche bun with your favourite slaw and dill pickles

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