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Serves 6

North Sea Crab and Dragons Cucumber Soup with Cornish Caviar

For this dish you will need a Crab pick, Thermomix/Food Blender, Matfer exoglass Chinois and a 50mm Ring.


• 4 pcs crab
• Salt

• 200g Picked white crab meat
• 1 tbls fine brunoise of red chilli
• 1 pinch chopped fennel herb
• 1 tbls brunoise dragon cucumber lemon oil (lemon juice and olive oil)
• Salt and pepper

Preparation method

1.    Bring a large pan of salty water to the boil.
2.    Cook crabs for 10 mins making sure you don’t have to many in the pan at once that
       could affect the temperature dropping rapidly.
3.    Once cooked refresh on ice.
4.    To remove the meat from the crab organize yourself with a container for each
       section of the crab.
5.    First take all the front claws of and place them in 1 container.
6.    Second take all the legs off and keep them separate.
7.    Third, with the heads remove the body using a knife if needed to prize apart trying
       not to lose all the brown meat.
8.    Now that you have separated all parts of the crab start by cracking the front claws
       removing the white meat (making sure that you are working on a tray on top of ice
       to keep the meat fresh).  
9.    Crack the legs and remove the white meat.
10.  When you have removed all the white meat from the shells pick through it one more
       time on the ice tray to make sure you have all the shell out of it (MUST MAKE SURE
11.  Take the brown meat and any Corel from the head and blitz in the thermomix until
       smooth then pass through the Chinois.  
12.  Store meat separately until ready to use.

1.   Mix altogether

1.   Season the brown crab meat with the lemon, salt and pepper
2.   Soak the gelatine in cold water until soft
3.   Warm up the cream add the soft geletine then whisk until its all meted in
4.   Add the cream mix to the brown crab meat
5.   Set 60g of crab mousse in the bottom of a soup bowl and store in fridge ready
      for service 

1.   Peel and large dice the cucumbers
2.   Marinade the cucumbers with the rest of the ingredients for 12 hours
3.   Blitz the cucumber mix until smooth then pass through a chinoix
4.   Check seasoning
5.   Store chilled until served

Plating up: Take bowl with the set brown crab meat out of the fridge. Using a 50mm ring place slice of cucumber in the bottom fill it with the white crab meat mix and put a slice on the top. Place the ring on top of the mousse in the center of the bowl, remove it leaving the white meat in the bowl.

Dress the top of the white meat with the Garnish.

Serving Suggestions

With soup make sure its chilled serve it separate in a jug then pour it around the outside of the white crab in the bowl.

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