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Preparation 1 hour

Cooking 1 hour

Serves 6

Oak Smoked Haddock Spelt Risotto and Poached Hens Egg

I've chosen our Oak Smoked Haddock Spelt Risotto as its a teally tasty dish and simple to do and its one of our best sellers at the hotel. A water bath is required for this recipe which can be found in my shop.


Spelt Barley
* 500g spelt barley
* 100g diced shallots
* 20g minced garlic
* 1 sprig Thyme
* 500ml white wine
* 1ltr chicken stock

Smoked Haddock
* 1kg Smoked Haddock
* 1 sprig Thyme
* 3 cloves garlic
* 6 knobs butter
* 1 lts milk

Poached egg
* 6 pcs Hens eggs
* qty distilled vinegar

* choped chives

Preparation method

Spelt Barley
1. Sweat the garlic and shallots in a heavy bottomed pan then add the spelt and thyme
2. Sweat for a further 2 mins then deglaze with the white wine
3. Once all the wine is reduced add warm chicken stock bit by bit and stir continuously for 9
    mins, adding more chicken stock if needed
4. After 9 mins pur the barley out on a tray and chill

Smoked Haddock
1. Square off the Haddock with a sharp knife, portion at 60g
2. Plce in a small vacuum bag 1 piece of Haddock, 1 sprig of Thyme, 1/2 clove of garlic & 1
    knob of butter and then seal
3. With the trim from the Haddock place in the milk and bring to the boil infusing it with
    Haddock flavours.
4. Place Haddock in water bath at 52*c for 15 mins before serving
5. Reserve milk for the Risotto base

Poached egg
1. Bring a pan of water with the vinegar to the boil.
2. Crack the 6 eggs into seperate small barrels.
3. Cook the poached eggs one by one in the water and refresh in ice water

1. Bring the reserved Haddock milk up to a boil add the chilled barley and keep stiring
2. Once the barley is tender and has started to thicken add the parmesan and butter
    and keep stiring until it emulsifises and is nice and creamy
3. Taste and season as required
4. Prepare plate and garnish with the chopped chives

Serving Suggestions

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