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Preparation 15mins

Cooking 15mins

Serves 6

Rock Oyster, Apple and Mint

I’ve chose oysters because they are really good this time of year and we have some of the best oysters in Britain on our doorstep from Lindesfarne. For this recipe you will need a Gourmet whipper which you can find in my online shop.


• 40 pcs oyster
• 1 kg grey salt

Apple foam
• 575 gr green apple juice
• 6 gr agar agar
• 5 gr gelatine leaves
• ½ pcs lemon juice

Preparation method

1.  Open the oyster a la minute, throw the first water, take away the nerve and keep the oyster on the shell.

Apple foam
1.  Bring 125gr of green apple juice to the boil with the agar agar, add the soaked gelatine.
2.  Add 450gr of cold apple juice, the lemon juice and pass through a chinois.
3.  Pour 400gr in the cream whipper and put 2 gas charger.
4.  Keep in iced water.

Mint leaf

Serving Suggestions

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