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Serves 6

Strawberry Cheesecake with Strawberry and Basil Sorbet and Black Pepper Tuile

A real summer treat from James Mackenzie! This recipe is all about taking advantage of the British strawberry season - as it uses the fruit in four different ways! However, you can keep it simple by just serving the cheesecake with some fresh strawberries. Whatever you choose, it's a beautiful summer dessert, that everyone will love! "I have had this dessert on my menu a few times and it goes down a treat!" Said James. Served with basil sorbet and black pepper tuile, for a real unique twist.


For the Cheesecake:
40g ground almonds
40g plain flour
40g melted butter 
2g salt 

For the Cake Mix
175g cream cheese
40g mascarpone cheese
50g sugar
3 egg yolks
Zest of lime 

For the Strawberry Jelly 

250g strawberries
25g icing sugar
50ml waterjuice of lime
5g leaf gelatine 

For the Tuiles
75g icing sugar
20ml cold water
20g plain flour
50g melted butter
15g sesame seedcracked black pepper

For the Sorbet
300ml strawberry purée
150ml sugar syrup
Zest and juice of 1 lime
8 basil leaves 

For the Garnish
1 punnet fresh strawberries
Pinch ground white pepper
50g caster sugar
2 basil leaves 

Preparation method

  1. For the cake base - mix all the ingredients together to make a light crumb. Press into an 8 inch cake ring and smooth with the back of a spoon.
  2. Bake at 15 or 20 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from the oven and cool. Reduce the oven temperature to 110.
  3. For the cake, mix cream and all the ingredients together until smooth. Pour the cake mix onto the base and bake at 100 until set around 30-40 minutes. Remove from the oven and allow to cool. Then set in the fridge until cold.
  4. To top the cake with a strawberry jelly, cook all the ingredients in a pan over a very low heat, until the strawberries are completely soft (James cooks them sous vide in a water bath).
  5. Pass through a fine sieve. Soak the gelatine in cold water hen squeeze dry and warm and add to the strawberry juice. Leave to cool slightly then pour over the cheesecake and set in the fridge.
  6. For the tuiles sift the sugar, add the water and mix to a paste, sift in the flour and pour in the butter and mix to a smooth paste. Mix in the sesame seeds.
  7. Spread the mix thinly on a non stick baking mat and sprinkle with black pepper. Bake at 180 for 6-8 minutes. leave to set hard then break up into required pieces.
  8. For the sorbet, pour the strawberry purée and syrup into an ice cream machine, start to churn then add the lime and finely chopped basil. Churn and place in the freezer until needed.
  9. Macerate the strawberries by halving g them all, place 1/3 in a bowl with the sugar, pepper and shredded basil and mash the up with a fork then add the rest of the strawberries and leave to marinade in the fridge for at least 1/2 hour.
  10. To serve, slice the cheesecake into portions and serve with some of the strawberries, a scoop of sorbet and the tuile. You can then add some fresh strawberries as garnish and finish the dish with a few drops of rapeseed oil infused with black pepper.

Serving Suggestions

Serve with the basil sorbet and pepper tuile, or simply serve with strawberries.

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