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Cooking 4mins

Serves 4

Tempura of Partridge & Damson Jelly


Tempura Batter
• 100g flour
• 100g cornflour
• 20g baking powder

Damson Jelly
• 350g Damson juice
• 100g damson gin
• 50 g stock syrup
• 3 gelatine leaves

Toasted Seeds & Grains
• 50g pinhead oats
• 50g oats
• 10g sesame seeds
• 20g sunflower seeds
• 20g pumpkin seeds
• 10g fennel seeds
• 10g black onion seeds

Pine nut purée
• 200g pine nuts
• 50g whipping cream

Preparation method

Tempura Batter
Add enough cold water to make a batter.

Damson Jelly
Warm the liquids and add the gelatine, stir until dissolved and set in a bowl.

Toasted Seeds & Grains
Roast in a hot pan until lightly toasted then add 1 tablespoon of honey and stir. Leave to cool on a tray.

Pine nut purée
Lightly toast the pine nuts in the oven then purée in a thermomix with the cream and pass through a sieve.  

Wrap the partridge breast in nori seaweed and lightly coat in the batter.
Deep fry at 190°c for 4 minutes.
Plate as the photo and garnish with seasonal leaves.

Serving Suggestions

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